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Kakegurui miroslava honebami height

She is the th Student Council President at Hyakkaou Private Academy and the one responsible for the current hierarchy at the academy whose family is aligned with the family of Yumeko Jabami. Kirari is a very light-skinned girl of average height with long white hair gray hair in the anime that she wears in two knotted rings with ribbons entwined in them and long bangs that has two locks of hair on either side that come down to her chin, square bangs hanging over her eyebrows, blue eyes and it is shown to wear a shade of blue lipstick and blue painted nails although it is seen as pink in some official art.

She wears the standard Hyakkaou Private Academy school uniform which is a red blazer with black trim on the cuffs and around the neck and it is decorated with gold buttons that is complete with a black tie. She wears a gray colored skirt with patterns on it, black colored panty hose and Hyakkaou Private Academy's brown loafers with black soles. Outside of Hyakkaou Private Academy, she wears a black kimono with her family crest on the back and two crests on the sides with a floral printed obi and floral print on the lower part of the kimono and wearing white tabi.

Although Kirari is a refined and proper lady on the outside, she is in truth a calculating, manipulative, psychopathic individual with little regard for anything other than herself. A complete narcissist, she belittles everyone besides her, believing everyone is to play by her terms alone, as seen when Mary Saotome rejected her invitation to join the student council, she simply ridiculed whatever reasons could be had, as simply foolish and illogical.

kakegurui miroslava honebami height

Being the creator of the infamous pet system, where she purportedly encourages mistreatment, bullying and sub-human conditions on other students, reveals a sadistic side to her as well. Kirari has no regard for human life and simply follows through what interests her. She actually doesn't worry about herself too much either. She believes as long as the journey is entertaining, the outcome doesn't matter. She likes calling the academy her aquarium and enjoys observing how people act, when they are at their lowest and have to fight for the top.

She doesn't care about winning or losing and simply craves excitement. With this she masks all her other emotions. Kirari often bets everything she has and since she takes any risks, she is an incredible gambler. She has many similarities with Yumeko Jabami. Kirari is also thrilled by the fading of the last spark, when a person's life comes to an end and states, she can't get enough of that. However despite her generally inhumane and detached demeanor to others and the suffering she has caused, Kirari is shown to possess a genuinely close sisterly relationship with her older twin sister, Ririka Momobami.

As seen during her interactions with her, where she stated to truly treasure and love her and was stated to be delighted in her slowly developing confidence due to her friendship with Mary Saotome. At an unknown point while Kirari was a child, she played a game of Old Maiden against Rin Obami in front of the entire family. He was confident to beat her, but she saw through his cheat. But she chose not to reveal it in order to reinforce how he was at her mercy, which was even more humiliating for him.

Kirari making Sayaka Igarashi her secretary. Two years prior to the start of the series, Kirari became the student council president when she was a first year high school student and was the one that carried out the reform were she created the donation and the "dog" and "cat" system. It is known that she won the election not through voting, but through gambling against the former student council president.

kakegurui miroslava honebami height

Her win causes the discrimination already present at Hyakkaou Private Academy to become stronger with the oppression increasing strongly against those who are weak against gambling.Ibara is a rather large and somewhat muscular young man.

He dyed his messy spiky hair pink. Although he wears a standard male Hyakkaou Private Academy issued uniform, he wears it open, with the sleeves folded back and unbuttoned collar, giving him a more laid-back look.

kakegurui miroslava honebami height

He wears two long silver earrings and a thorn necklace. He wears it to keep himself from lying, since whenever he does so, he almost has to puke and the thorns would then stab him. After Rin's ultimate defeat however, he takes it off. Ibara seems very confident, shouting things loudly and making some mocking remarks, like stating how annoying Rumia Uru 's voice is or telling Rei Batsubami to chill out after her outburst. Due to this, he can come off as rather rude.

However, he has to put on this persona due to his family. Ibara actually doesn't mean too much harm as he is quite nice. Ibara acts also very funny and goofy at times and doesn't take everything too serious. He can get serious though, especially when it's about helping his brother. Despite the fact that he was born into a family of swindlers, Ibara has an unusual physical condition that makes him unable to lie, as the sole thought of ever lying himself is already nauseating to him and causes him physical and mental disgust.

Since this made him an outcast in his family, he clings deeply to Rin Obami whom he cherishes for "saving" him. His desperation for affection is such that he is willing to be used by Rin with the huge awareness that he is potentially nothing more than a pawn to him, but commits himself to do so out of a sense of gratitude.

In fact, he's perfectly OK to be used by Rin, so long as he isn't made to tell a lie himself. When Rin is defeated, he learns that there can also be kind lies and is able to overcome his issue. Before the events of the main story, Ibara had trouble in his family since he was unable to lie. When he was almost thrown out of the family, his brother reached out to him and promised to look after him, as long as he would help him with his plans.

Ibara happily accepted and since has done everything for Rin. He hasn't told a lie since and Rin also promised not to lie to him. Ibara arrived with Rin Obami and the other branches to take down Kirari Momobami from the presidents seat.

He liked the luxurious mansion and feels that Kirari is pretty generous. He states, he's ready to cheer the others on. He later also stated, how mysterious Miri Yobami and Miyo Inbami are and that he doesn't want to fall behind with Rin.

Ibara could also be seen gambling a bit, mostly for fun, probably.Matching to that, her nails are also painted in a bright green. She wears the standard female Hyakkaou Private Academy issued uniform, but with the sleeves rolled back. Yumi is a very cheerful, upbeat and happy individual, which goes in a contrast with her serious sister. She often overreacts to situations and doesn't take most things too seriously. She herself isn't interested in gambling and is there to take care of her wheelchair bound sister.

However, she enjoys the luxurious building and spends most of her time either strolling around or watching Terano Totobami gamble. During the Greater Good Gameshe watches from the sidelines, occasionally laughing from the ensuing chaos. When Miroslava Honebami gives Terano her votes, Yumi awkwardly pats her head. During the later broadcast, she accompanies Terano and is shocked by Sayaka Igarashi 's outburst against Yumeko. She is then seen alongside Terano, when she puts her plan with Rei into action and also in the ensuing conversation between Kirari and Terano.

When the two later walk down the hallway, they spot the "new" Rei. When Terano is discussing with the others about their vote buying and the grand tournament, Yumi mentions to Terano, that she sure loves Kirari. Terano sarcastically replies by saying, she loves her so much, she could strangle her. Yumi reacts with an uncomfortable laugh. During the Great Tournamentshe strolls down the hall with Miriwho is nervous about Miyo 's game against Mary.

This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Categories :. Universal Conquest Wiki.She arrived to the Hyakkaou Private Academy to gamble against Kirari Momobami in order to dethrone her from student council president position and thus choosing a new leader of their clan.

Miroslava is a pale-skinned teenage girl with light grey hair that is split in two which goes along her back and ends in twirls, light green eyes and a noticeably large bust. Miroslava is a very stoic and level-headed person who never rushes things and she is usually quiet who thinks about the next move, which of course makes her a very good gambler. Miroslava plans ahead a lot and sees a lot of potential in Yumeko Jabamishowing she's also fairly intelligent and perceptive.

Just like other members of her family, she really wants to get rid of Kirari Momobami and Ririka Momobami. Despite that, she doesn't possess a great interest in being president herself and states, that none would be better fit for the position than Terano Totobami.

Miroslava actually has a very friendly side, which doesn't come out often though. She isn't a good schemer and was impressed by Itsuki Sumeragi tricking her.

Miroslava discussing with other clan members about Yumeko. Miroslava arrived with the other Hundred Devouring Familiesduring the presidential election. While her relatives were discussing other things, she was the first to point out Yumeko Jabami and also proposed to add her into the plan.

Ibara Obami

Later she also remarks, how Miyo Inbami and Miri Yubami started the whole war between the families. She then goes on to gamble, gaining 17 votes.

Miroslava and Ibara ready to devour Yumeko. She makes it clear, that not all of them win and acts overall very strategically. In the first round, she found a note by Itsuki Sumeragi along with her coins.

Miroslava can take Itsuki's coins for her personal box and the two should work together as traitors and pay no taxes. Miroslava getting a note from Itsuki. When the traitors are brought up during the discussion, she suggests that she can get the truth out of the traitor in five minutes, stating that she also knows stuff about torture.

Ibara declines this, since she herself could be the traitor and then it would be pointless. After the next round, Miroslava states that the two traitors must be working together since not doing so would not be benefitial to anyone.

Kaede Manyuda and Yumeko then act as if they were the traitor and threatened not to pay any coins. Miroslava was worried so she decided to pay all of her coins. That was the final round and she was currently in the lead.

However Kaede deducts that she and Itsuki must be the two traitors. Miroslava is then expelled from the game by the others. She realized Itsuki planned for her to be found out and felt betrayed. She is upset at Itsuki at first and pushes her to the wall.

She fists out, but stops. She notes how scheming isn't her specialty and is impressed by Itsuki making her dance in her palm. And then she also realizes, that Itsuki didn't do it to win herself, but rather for Kaede.

Miroslava wishing Itsuki luck with Kaede. Miroslava promises to keep Itsuki's crush on him a secret. She is surprised of being able to talk so friendly with a former competetor and rethinks what true gambling means. Miroslava accepted her defeat and happily hands her votes over to Terano, stating that she hopes she will beat Kirari Momobami.

Later, she is present at the auction and annoyed, that Ibara let the others notice them, as she had told him not to make any big bets. She is surprised and worried that Rei Batsubami might take over the entire clan. She knew that it would only get harder for them to become president if Rei gets that many votes. She then tells the other family members about the grand tournament that Sayaka organized and mentions how it's most likely a scheme to pool all the votes. This wiki.The following is a list of the characters of the Kakegurui — Compulsive Gambler manga, anime, and drama series.

Her eyes are a hazel brown when not glowing red. She has long, straight black hair with bangs styled in a hime cut and red eyes. Although she dislikes games where the outcome is predetermined, she can quickly deduce how such games are being manipulated in her opponents' favor and, by doing so, she devises strategies that more often than not turn the tables on them.

It seems her birthday is December 1st even without many records of her family backgrounds. She lives alone as her sole relative, her older sister, has been hospitalized long-term. Mary Saotome is a student in Yumeko and Ryota's class who begins the series as one of the school's top gamblers and Ryota's master.

However, she is quickly humbled in a jankenpon rock-paper-scissors card game, losing to Yumeko and having to become a house pet herself. After learning how the student council president perceives the pets, Mary forms a grudge against her and aims to become the next Student Council president.

She manages to win a school space from the former student council vice president in which she then sets up a gambling den. Although he is the class president at the beginning of the series, he has a massive debt to Mary and serves as her pet.

He is forced to help Mary manipulate a game against Yumeko, Ch. He tries to talk her out of engaging in high stakes gambling, but Yumeko hardly ever listens. He has a simple, and kind mindset; focusing on helping out whenever and however he can, rather than having fun, like Yumeko or winning, like Mary. She had defeated the former president in a high-stakes game two years prior to the story.

She has long platinum hair styled as two braided pigtail shaped in loops and wears blue lipstick. Upon taking office, she created the hierarchy that turns the students with the largest debts into house pets. She comes to have an increasingly great deal of respect and admiration for Yumeko with every victory she obtains.

D2, D It is later revealed that Ririka is Kirari's identical twin sister as they both have the same platinum hair color gray in the anime with bangs that is styled in a hime cutblue lipstick and light blue eyes. The only difference is that Ririka leaves her hair down while Kirari wears her hair in two braid rings shaped into loops. She is voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro in Japanese. While she finds some of Kirari's motives questionable, Sayaka still remains loyal and will defend her against anyone who opposes her judgement.

She is always seen wearing a hoodie with rabbit ears and sucking on a lollipop. She spends her time taunting various students. Her skills and preferences as a gambler have yet to be revealed. She showed herself to be an impartial mediator during the manga's 'Re-Election' arc. As the daughter of a toy company CEO, she became a student council member in her first year after having donated a large amount of money. After she financially drains her opponents, she influences them to wager and lose their fingernails and toenails, and as a result, has amassed quite a collection of nail art.

After Yumeko figures out how Itsuki is able to cheat in a game of Double ConcentrationItsuki suffers a humiliating loss, and her seat on the council is revoked. She later became an ally to Yumeko in order to achieve her goal at rising up to Student Council President and exceed any expectations.

She gets her revenge on Kaede by staking everything on Yumeko's victory but Itsuki is later shown with him in the hospital, indicating she still does care about him despite his poor treatment.

She is aroused by violence, and often challenges opponents to increasingly violent gambles where the participants can either be maimed or killed, favoring modified versions of Russian roulette. After Yumeko forces their seemingly deadly game into a bloodless draw, she becomes infatuated with her.

She runs a rigged roulette-style game called "Life or Death. She secretly hopes to be an Academy Award-winning actress in Hollywood in the future and hates having to deal with her Japanese fans, whom she views as disgusting and perverted. She challenges Yumeko to a game of tic-tac-toe with a variety show challenge. After losing to Yumeko and having her secrets revealed to her fans, she finds out that her fans are fine with the way she is and she decides to continue her career as an idol.

He has short hair and wears glasses that he is always pushing up with his middle finger when speaking to someone.Miroslava Honebami is a character from the anime Compulsive Gambler 2nd Season. We have all kinds of interesting and fascinating trivia from this year to share with you. Our series view count resets each month as to give you a rolling idea what is currently popular.

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Miroslava Honebami

Replies: 1.She is a first-year student who belongs to the "Flower" class at Hyakkaou Private Academy and a member of the Student Council whose father is the president of a prominent toy company in Japan. Itsuki has chin-length light caramel brown hair with bangs that are swept to the right and reaches her eyebrows with a green hairband in her hair, blue eyes and she has pink painted nails with star-like decorations on them her nails are decorated with the suit of clubs in the mangabut she now currently has bandages around her bloody fingers after she ripped her nails out during the gamble against Kaede Manyuda.

She wears the Hyakkaou Private Academy issued uniform; a red blazer with black trim around the cuffs and collar that is decorated with gold buttons, underneath she wears a white button up with a black tie as well as a pleated skirt with black stockings that have silver stars on the sides of them along with a pair of brown loafers with black soles.

Itsuki wanting Yumeko Jabami 's nails. She is manipulative and business savvy and uses her own products in her gambles in order to promote them. When she is first met, Itsuki acts very friendly but soon reveals her twisted and sadistic side. She has no problems cheating and painfully taking away the nails of others. She is devious and cared little for others and even seemed very aroused by the thought of getting the nails of people she likes.

However she is actually quite cowardly and drops that facade if she herself is attacked. She is actually somewhat insecure and feels worthless without a high rank or power.

After she was expelled from the Student Council, she pretends to act very nice but actually just wants to use Yumeko for her own goals. However through her time spent with her and especially her experience during the Choice Poker game, she learnt to take real risks and be more brave. As a result she also became a kinder person and befriended Yumeko.

Itsuki also has feelings for Kaede which also assisted in her learning to care more about others and realize that money and power isn't everything in life. He was one of the reasons she was so despearate to stay on the council and keep his attention.

Itsuki Sumeragi

Following Mary Saotome 's defeat at the hands of Yumeko Jabamithe student council members hear about these news. One of which was a current member of the student council named Itsuki Sumeragi, who with her riches as the daughter of the largest toy company in Japan, got the position.

kakegurui edits to watch while waiting for season three

Itsuki showed excitement in trying to gamble with Yumeko. During lunch time, Itsuki immediately followed Yumeko's trail in the school and somehow managed to get to her. She invites her to gamble with her, and while Ryota Suzui tries to halt Yumeko from gambling, she still wanted to gamble and accepts Itsuki's gamble invite. She invites her to play a game of " Double Concentration " in which the rules are fairly simple.

Each player must then flip 2 cards of their choice in their turn. If they flip a pair of matching cards with the same suit and number, then they gain 2 points and the flipped cards are remained flipped open. If they flip cards that don't exactly match, then they lose a turn to the opponent. For their match, Itsuki places down 20 irregular colored chips which are worth 1 million yen each, making it a total of 20 million yen.

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For the betting, Itsuki uses all the 20 million worth chips, making their bet 20 million. Though Yumeko says she does not have the money, Itsuki assures her worries by saying she'll lend her 20 million. Then, they begin to play. She wins the first round, even though both of them have a great memory. Yumeko really wants a second round but has no more money.

So, Itsuki suggests Yumeko's nails as a bet. She shows them their nail collection, which she all got from people. She starts to act crazy. Yumeko accepts and Itsuki is sure she will win, since she has a trick up her sleeve where using her bag, some heat will reveal a pattern on her specially made cards that will disappear once the cards cool down.

This makes her believe that she is unable to lose. However, Yumeko caught up on the trick and beats her. As Yumeko suggests to rip Itsuki's nails out, she cries. After her loss, she's expelled from the council. When Yumemi Yumemite challenged Yumeko, Itsuki joined in to support her.